Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Journal Club: Alternative Energies - Ethanol

As spring draws near, we'll start planning road trips and cranking up the ACs. So what better time than now to discuss alternative energy/fuels?

The next SISTP journal club will take place on Friday, April 11, 2008 from 6pm-7:30pm.
We'll discuss alternative energies, specifically ethanol. This will be the last JC of the spring semester, however, there has already been expressed interest on keeping the JCs going over the summer months. We'll keep you posted on summertime JCs.

We'll meet in room 403 of the Elliott School (1957 E Street, NW).

Below are the links to the four articles (3 scholarly and 1 media), which various members have suggested for the discussion. All of the links enable you to download the articles for free.

Fuel Ethanol from Cellulosic Biomass

Challenge of biofuel: filling the tank without emptying the stomach?

Forget the ethanol myth - avoid the biofuel bubble

Gasohol: Does it or doesn't it produce positive net energy?

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EricL said...

Hey Chloe - thanks for setting up the blog/website and organizing this round of JC. I must sheepishly admit that I am not (yet) a AAAS member, and though I realize I need to rectify this, cannot now access two of the readings. Could you perhaps send me the text, or pdf copy in the meantime as I get AAAS-registered? Gracias.