Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scientists Without Borders

Scientists Without Borders is an idea I had for the past year or so and now its been brought to reality thanks to The New York Academy of Sciences and UN Millennium Project. The mission of SWB is to match needs with resources focusing on capacity-building in developing countries, in areas of public health, environment, energy, and natural resources among others, using science and technology as the primary tools.

I feel this is a great opportunity to showcase what resources SISTP and/or CISTP have to offer and also to get involved in meaningful work beyond the traditional academic role. I have been in contact with SWB's Executive Director, Dr. Evelyn Strauss and would welcome ideas and suggestions from our group that I can bring up with her the next time.

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anjan said...

Chloe, Its a nice idea. Scientists withour boarders is possible, as internet deleted the geographical boundaries between countries.Not only scientists, thinkers, writers, intellectuals,students, teachers- everyone can be global- without boarders.Congrats.